My Pool Is Only Losing Water When My Pump Is Running


As the pool owner, you know that it’s not ideal not to have your pump running. Though, what you don’t know is why your pool is only losing water when the pump is running.

Let’s dig a little further…

My Pool is Only Losing Water When My Pump Is Running

Whether it is from evaporation or spillovers, every swimming pool loses water. However, if you’re losing water quickly, it’s something you should address sooner than later.

If you’re reading this article, I will assume you went through the process of elimination and understand that your pool only leaks when you run the pump.

Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean the leak is at your pump. However, it does mean you have a pressure side leak and not a suction- side leak.

Pressure-side Return Leaks

Generally, if you’re losing water when your pump is running, you have a pressure-side return leak. When you’re running your pump, the plumbing after the pump is under pressure. Often times, this can lead to small leaks and water sprays through your line (from the filter to your return jets.)

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The good news? You can eliminate any type of air leaks before the pump and move your focus to after the pump. The bad news? Now, you have to find the leak. Where do you start?

Check All the Connections

The first areas you want to check for any leaks are the connections, unions, elbows, and your pump to filter hoses. Normal wear and tear, overtightening, and physical damage to unions can contribute to water leaks.

Make sure to check your pump, filter, chlorinator, and heater, as well. If your pool heater is leaking, you want to act fast. A leaking heater can impact the internal parts, which may or may not be covered under the manufacture’s warranty.

For above-ground pools, don’t forget to inspect the pump to filter hoses. In many instances, the coupling, unions, or hose is under large amounts of pressure and will spring a leak. Also, over time, hoses can become brittle and under pressure, spring a leak.

Filter Multiport Valve

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The multiport valve is important because it helps to control the flow of your pool water. As a result, a lot can go wrong. Check the in and out ports on the valve as well as the area around the cover.

Another common source of a leak is the backwash hose. Check the end of the backwash hose for any water running when it shouldn’t be.

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