My Hot Tub is Cloudy After Shocking!

Usually, getting cloudy water from a hot tub or spa is not considered normal. It usually takes a few hours for the water to clear up.

Sometimes, adding a small amount of spa shock can make the water in your hot tub look cloudy. There are a few reasons why this might happen to you.


Swimming Pool Shock

Since pool shock particles are bigger than those found in standard pool toys, they can't dissolve quickly. Also, it's loaded with calcium, which can cause a hard water issue in some areas.

If you're planning on shocking a hot tub or spa, use 56 chlorinating compound instead of pool shock. It's a safer alternative to chlorine shock.


High pH & Alkalinity

Before you shock a spa, make sure to check the water's alkalinity and pH. Doing so will help prevent the pH from getting too high.

The pH and alkalinity of a spa treatment can get out of balance, which can make it difficult to remove and carbonates. Having a few drops on hand can help lower both the pH and alkalinity.


Hard Water Hot Tub

My water comes out with a calcium hardness of 450 ppm. This is not as high as some areas of the desert, but it is still hard enough to have dissolved calcium.

Hot tubs and spas can operate at concentrations of over 200 ppm. If your spa's pH is high, and you have high calcium hardness, it can cause the water to be cloudy.

To avoid calcium build-up in hard water areas, fill up your spa with water that has passed through a water softening tank or a pre-filter.


Lotions & Potions

If you're having a get-together and a lot of people are using your hot tub, then the water may get a little funky. It's usually due to the excess amount of body oils, dirt, and makeup that have been washed into the hot tub.

The shock from a hot tub can cause it to break down, which can then turn your hot tub cloudy. This can be prevented by cleaning the spa thoroughly and by encouraging everyone to use a quick shower.

Ideally, keep the spa as clean as possible to avoid staining. Also, make sure the pH and alkalinity levels are at the ideal levels to minimize the risk of water damage.

If the water still has a lingering cloudiness after a few hours, then keep reading. There are a number of blogs out there that can help you get rid of the cloudy water in your hot tub.


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