Making Above Ground Pool Pump Connections Work

Your above ground pump has failed and you are looking at your new above ground pool pump connections. Have you ever done this? Do you know what to purchase? There you are, asking yourself, “Will I be able to use new above-ground pool pump connections?” After matching up the voltage and horsepower needed, you question the connections at the pump ports. Will the pump connect the same way as your old one? If not, what will you need to make your new above ground pool pump connections work? Will any other parts be needed? Do you need to get a specific pump? Don’t worry, there is a way. Let’s discuss this, and go over your options in this blog post.

Making your new above pool pump connections work

Most often, above ground pool pumps use standard 1.5-inch internal diameter ports. There are pump models that use unions that thread to the outside of the ports. Those unions are which are part of a hose assembly. These types of arrangements are most often designed by the original manufacturer of the pump/filter system. Those systems are packaged together by the manufacturer and use those hose assemblies. Most often, the filter is a sand filter. Here’s the catch – those thread designs are specific to ONLY that manufacturer. This means that they are proprietary. In order to use a new pump when you have an existing system of this type, it must be one of these two: 

  • The same manufacturer and/or brand
  • Used with an adapter or PVC accessories to connect the pump to the filter

Above ground pool pump connections and hose accessories

This kit number 4800-80 has everything that a common above ground pool pump/filter will need to connect any brand pump to the filter. Here is what is included in this kit:

  • Two MPT hose adapters used for the hose sections to clamp to the pump, filter and valve ports. 

Hose adapter

  • Two six-foot hose sections used for the pump to filter connection, and the filter to pool return connection. 

1 1/4 hose section

  • Four hose clamps. These are for securing the hoses to the MPT adapters. The hoses slide over the narrow end of the adapters, then tightened using the hose clamps. 

Hose Clamp

Please keep in mind that you may need extra MPT hose adapters for connecting either a multiport valve or a port on the filter to the pool return. The part number for the MPT adapters alone is PL0020

Above ground pool pump connections and hard/flex plumbing

You can hard plumb, or use flex hose to connect your equipment, you will need the following to complete this upgrade:

  • Two 1.5-inch MPT/slip male threaded fittings. These will thread into the pump ports and to the filter or valve the pump will be connecting to. 

  • 1.5-inch hard PVC plumbing or flex hose. 



  • Waterproof Teflon tape, PVC cement, and thread sealant. 


You can purchase these above ground pool pump connection accessories at most local hardware stores. These accessories are what you would need to connect your pump to your filter if you need to change the pump brand. This is why you do not have to worry. With these accessories, you can use another pump. And, it will be an even more durable installation. 

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