Leslie's Sodium Bromide 4 lbs

A Bromide bank is a type of residual that can be used to convert Bromides into Bromine. This bank is typically used for storing and transporting Bromides.

The best way to build a Bromide Bank is by adding Sodium Bromide to your spa. After draining and refilling, add the desired amount of bromide ions each time you add water.

Establish an immediate bromide reserve in your spa/hot tub with Sodium Bromide! No more waiting after re-filling your spa! Add to new fill water for instant bromine residual. Just add bromine tablets or shock immediately after using them to activate. Reduces the amount of bromine and time it takes to reach the ideal bromine reading of 1-3 ppm. Sodium Bromide is NOT a disinfectant. It is used to establish a reserve of bromide in the spa or hot tub water. It is necessary to use a sanitizer to disinfect the water.


1) Leslie's Sodium Bromide 4 lbs
Sodium Bromide establishes an immediate bromide reserve in your spa. Dosage: 0.5 oz per 100 gallons

  • Sodium bromide 4 lbs.
  • Works instantly
  • Low Maintenance
  • Adds bromide reserve immediately
  • Uses less bromine
  • Causes bromine levels to raise quicker
  • Helps eliminate chlorine odors and eye irritation

Leslie's Sodium Bromide 4 lbs

BUY Leslie's Sodium Bromide 4 lbs


Leslie's Sodium Bromide 4 lbs

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