Leslie's Skimmer with 4' Pole

Leslie's Skimmer with 4' Pole is designed to collect leaves, pollen, and insects to prevent dirt from entering your pool filter. Its durable mesh screening is built to last longer than the standard equipment.

It features a wide-angle molded frame with a mesh screen and a plastic rim to help protect pool walls. Its quick-release Snap-Adapt handle allows you to attach it to any standard size pole.

Especially in spring, the pollen won’t stop coming, and you don’t want to let it build up. Fortunately, what your filter won’t catch, a fine-mesh skimmer probably will. Just remember that taking care of it is a daily task! The legion of pollen that covers your pool can feel like an invading army, but with regular care and attention, you can turn back the horde!


Leslie's Skimmer with 4' Pole
Use Leslie's Skimmer with 4' Pole to capture and remove debris on the surface of your swimming pool!

Leslie's Skimmer with 4' Pole

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