Leslie's Power Powder Plus 73%, 25 lbs. Chlorine Shock Bucket

The Leslie's Power Powder Plus 73 is the strongest chlorine pool shock on the market. It kills harmful algae and bacteria while keeping the water clear and safe to drink.


  • Pool powder shock and super-chlorinator
  • Quickly dissolves
  • Eliminates bacteria, algae and other contaminants
  • 73% available chlorine
  • 1 lb treats 16,500 gallons

Leslie's Power Powder Plus 73% Chlorine Shock Bucket 25 lbs

BUY Leslie's Power Powder Plus 73% Chlorine Shock Bucket 25 lbs here!


If you have a problem with algae or other pool issues, such as a bloom, look no further than the Power Powder Plus 73 Cal-hypo Pool Shock. It has a minimum of 70% chlorine and a high concentration of calcium hypochlorite, which kills harmful algae and bacteria. This product is known as a solution shock, and it can also effectively remove inorganic and organic contaminants.

For regular pool maintenance, Power Powder Plus 73 can be used to boost your chlorine levels and keep the water clear and safe. It can also be used as a treatment.

73% Calcium Hypochlorite

The Power Powder Plus 73 Cal-hypo Pool Shock has the highest concentration of calcium hypochlorite, making it the best choice for treating pool issues. However, other products with lower active ingredients can also reduce the amount of chlorine that's added to the pool.

70% Minimum Available Chlorine

With Power Powder Plus 73, you can get at least 70% of the chlorine needed to kill harmful algae and other water contaminants. This product is ideal for treating pool issues, such as swimming accidents and algae blooms. Once the chlorine dissolves, it forms hypochlorous acid, which kills and eliminates harmful bacteria and algae.

Low Residue & Fast Dissolving

The Power Powder Plus 73 quickly kills bacteria and algae without leaving any residue behind. Despite being a granular chlorine shock, it won't alter the water's calcium hardness levels. It works to eliminate contaminants while preventing them from growing.

Although Cal-hypo shock can cause some minor clouding or turbidity in the water, this usually clears up on its own. It's important to note that the pH level and calcium hardness levels of the water may affect its effects.

Leslie's Power Powder Plus 73% Chlorine Shock Bucket 25 lbs

BUY Leslie's Power Powder Plus 73% Chlorine Shock Bucket 25 lbs here!


Container Size: Bucket: 25 lb
Active Ingredient: Calcium Hypochlorite
Chemical Type: Shock
Manufacturer: Leslie's
Product Type: Pool Chemical
Product Dimensions: 11.3" Width x 13" Length x 10.3" Height
Product Weight: 25 lbs.


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