Leslie's Chlor Brite Granular Chlorine Bucket 8 lb

Leslie's Chlor Brite Granular Chlorine is a quick-dissolving pool shock solution that can be used for treating pool water.

In this article we will take a detailed look at this excellent chemical for your pool and spa.

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This product can be used to keep your pool or spa clean and free of germs. It's fast dissolving, and it's safe to use in all types of pools and spas. Its 55% chlorine content makes it ideal for treating both regular and superchlorination.

A maintenance shock, like Leslie's Chlor Brite, can be used to boost the chlorine level in your pool or spa. It can also be used as a backup for saltwater pools. Its quick dissolving and non-toxic properties leave no residue on the spa or pool's interior surfaces. It also repels ultraviolet rays, which can cause chlorine degradation.

Active Ingredient: 99% Sodium Dichlor

The high concentration of sodium dichlor found in Leslie's Chlor-Brite Granular is used for powerful pool and spa shock. However, certain types of products, such as those that contain lower levels of active ingredient, are not as effective at reducing the chlorine used to clean pools.

55% Available Chlorine

The high concentration of chlorine in Leslie's Chlor-Brite Granular ensures that it can kill harmful algae and bacteria. This product is ideal for treating various spa and pool issues.

Quick-Dissolving Chlorine Granular

The fast-acting nature of Leslie's Chlor-Brite Granular makes it an effective disinfectant for pools and spa interior surfaces.

Stabilized Chlorine Granular Shock

Unfortunately, the rapid depletion of chlorine due to the UV rays can lead to the degradation of this product, which can cause it to lose its effectiveness.

Leslie's Chlor Brite Dichlor Chlorine Granular Pool and Spa Shock

Leslie's Chlor Brite Granular effectively kills bacteria and prevents organic contaminants from entering the pool.


Container Size: Bucket: 8 lb
Active Ingredient: Dichlor-S-Trianzinetrione
Chemical Type: Chlorine and Shock
Dosage: 21 oz per 10,000 Gallons
Manufacturer: Leslie's
Product Type: Pool Chemical



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