Keep Your Solid Winter Cover Drained if You Are Fiberglass Pool Owner

If you have a fiberglass pool cover that prevents water from flowing through it, or if it does, just review the mesh security covers that are included with the cover. If you own this type of cover, it is essential that the water is pumped off regularly.

If the cover is not regularly maintained, the water on top of it will displace the water from the pool, which could cause it to get damaged and lower the water level in the pool.

Just think of it this way, if there’s 18” of water on top of the cover, that’s 18” that’s not inside the pool any more. (Don’t freak out over an inch or two here. We're talking major neglect before this gets serious.) 95% of our customers have mesh covers anyway, but we wanted to get the word out to make sure it reaches as many folks as possible.


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