Is it Late to Install a Pool Cover?

If you’re new to the pool ownership world, then this article will give you some helpful tips on how to protect yourself from the elements.

Some people are reluctant to buy a pool cover due to various reasons. Aside from wanting to avoid spending more money, buying one is also a great way to save money:

  • An extra level of safety
  • Keeping debris out

You can install a pool cover any time of year. Just make sure that it's done correctly and that it's close to the time that you close your pool.

Since an automatic cover is not designed to handle a massive snow load, it should only be opened if it gets too heavy or gets too much snow.

Even with the amount of water that falls in the pool, the pumps and filter systems are still safe to operate. If you close the pool, the lines will most likely blow out.

You can always get rid of that pool cover anytime after winterizing. Most people do it in September or October, since most pools close during that time.

If you have a lot of tree cover, we highly suggest that you install it before the leaves fall. Doing so will prevent the pool from getting too full, which can take a lot of time.

Having a pool cover is a must-do item for most pool owners. It can be done in just a few minutes and will last for a long time.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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