Nature² is a popular purifier, a completely natural, mineral-based sanitizer. It has proven itself a useful supplement to chlorine that many pool owners have come to rely on and enjoy.

However, this blog is not to sing the praises of the mineral purification, but rather to help answer installation questions or concerns. Easy!

The beauty of the Nature2 Express is that you only need 4″ of pipe, No plumbing involved! A drill is all that’s needed – even the drill bit is included!

The compact Nature 2 Express is for above ground or in ground pools, with a horizontal installation on the pool return line – on the pipe after the filter; before or after any pool heater, and before any chlorinator.

The Nature2 includes the entire saddle clamp assembly with gaskets and stainless steel hardware, lubricant and drill bit You only need a cordless or electric drill!



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