I'll Leave My Pool Open for Winter!

When it gets cooler, many of us get asked if we should close or winterize our swimming pool. This question often comes up during the Fall season. This is a personal decision and it is not going to be handed to you in a simple way. So, instead, we are going to help you make it easier for yourself.



Which way is cheaper? If you decide to close and reopen your pool at the same time of year, then you will save a few hundred dollars in the end. Also, just imagine that the average cost to close and open a swimming pool is one month of service.


Plaster or Liner

Even though the material used to make your pool or spa is made to stay balanced, water chemistry can still change and affect the longevity of the pool liner. The pool materials that are under the tree can create staining issues if they are left sitting for a long time. A good quality safety cover should be able to prevent this issue.



Not all safety covers are created equal. Today's modern covers are better than those that were used years ago. If you are not sure which type of cover to use, then look no further than a safety cover.

Having a pool with a massive inflatable cover is a liability and should not be allowed during winter. Instead, keep it open and use it for outdoor swimming.


The View

The look of a swimming pool is one of the most attractive things about being a person. Many of our customers prefer to keep their swimming pool open during the Winter season.



Many people think that keeping the pool open all year will cause the pump and filter to wear out. Winterizing the pool leaves the equipment and lines dormant for months.

This item is used in modern pool equipment that are designed to withstand the weather. However, it can also damage the seals and gaskets that are built into these components.



Whatever your situation, we are happy to help. We take the time to listen to what you want and provide the best possible service.



If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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