How to Winterize Vinyl Liner Pools

When it comes to keeping a vinyl liner pool in good condition, winterizing it can be a bit different from other parts of the swimming pool industry.


Water Level

If the water leaks during winter, the vinyl liner pool will eventually collapse. This is because the weight of the water will pull the liner away from the wall. Although it's not ideal to empty a pool during winter, it's still possible to get stuck with a pool liner that's worn out.

Winter pool season is upon us, and to keep your pool full, make sure to add water as needed. Also, be sure to pull the cover off and perform a Winter leak detection.

Winter pool levels should be monitored to ensure they are adequate. Also, be sure to pull the cover off and perform a Winter leak detection.

If your pool has no leaks, but a mesh safety cover, then make sure the water level is at least 2 inches below the liner. If it does, then lower the pool to prevent it from staining the vinyl. This product is very important for pools that are surrounded by dense trees, which can turn your pool into a brown tea color.

Keep the water level 3-9 inches below the skimmer opening, by lowering it with a submersible pump or siphoning water out of the pool.


Stain Prevention

Not having the pool water circulating for a long time can have various effects on your pool. One of these is controlling the mineral content and staining of the water.

If your pool has high mineral content, Scale Free is the best choice. It will remove calcium deposits.

To prevent waterline stains, use an enzyme that's been proven to remove pollutants.

Remember that you can't just drain and wash a vinyl pool, keep it looking good with a strong pool cover and an enzyme treatment.

Never use a chlorine floater in a vinyl pool. It can cause staining or leaking water, and it can also tip over and cause a leak. Our Winter Kits are non-chlorine alternatives.

If you have a floating pool cover and trees near it, use a leaf cover. Doing so can poke holes in the cover. A leaf net is super-easy to use.


Storm Water Management

Storms are getting stronger and heavier. This is a good time to make sure that your pool decks and surrounding areas are prepared for the additional water.

It’s best to avoid having water sitting on the pool walls or under the pool decks. Also, make sure that the water doesn’t spill into the pool.

Sometimes, the topography of a pool can change over the years. Also, areas where water can quickly drain away from the pool are a concern.



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