How to Use HassleFree Start/Close Kit 2 x 1L/33.9oz, Box (Treats 20,000 Gallons)

If you’re looking to start a pool maintenance routine that is both easy and effective, then the HassleFree Start/Close Kit is an ideal choice for you. This kit contains two 1-liter bottles of chlorine shock, which are designed to quickly and easily start up or close down a pool. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using this kit:

1. Start Up:

Start up your pool with the HassleFree Start/Close Kit by adding one of the 1-liter bottles of chlorine shock to the pool water. For best results, distribute the chlorine shock evenly throughout the pool.

2. Test the Water:

Once you’ve added the chlorine shock to the pool, test the water to make sure that the chlorine level is at an acceptable level. If the chlorine level is too low, add more chlorine shock as needed.

3. Adjust pH Level:

Once the chlorine level is where it needs to be, adjust the pH level of the pool water to make sure it’s within the acceptable range.

4. Add Algaecide:

To help prevent the growth of algae, add algaecide to the pool water.

5. Close Down:

When it’s time to close down your pool for the season, add the remaining 1-liter bottle of chlorine shock to the pool water. This will help to sanitize the pool and ensure that it is safe for the next season.

By following these simple steps, you can easily use the HassleFree Start Close Kit 2 x 1L/33.9oz, Box (Treats 20,000 Gallons) to start up and close down your pool with minimal hassle. With this kit, you can rest easy knowing that your pool is in good hands.

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