How To Use DE Filter Powder

In this "how to" we will guide you through how to add or replace DE Filter Powder in your DE Filter. A Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter cleans your pool water by passing the water through a set of normally 8 grids. Each of these grids is covered with a layer of DE powder. If you are installing a new DE filter, you will have to coat the new DE grids with a layer DE Filter Powder. If you have backwashed an operational DE Filter to clean the grids, you will have to recoat the grids with a layer of new DE Powder. 

1. BUY DE POWDER - You will need about 4-6 pounds of DE Powder to coat new grids or to replace the old DE Power that is striped off old grids during backwash. Buy this ahead of time so it is available when you need it. The DE Powder is available in large bags (like 25#s) which will last for 4-6 separate backwashes.

2. DETERMINE DE POWDER REQUIRED - Check your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended amount of DE Powder.  If this is  New installations, you will have to add the full recommended amount. If you are replacing DE Powder after a backwash, you will not need to add the full amount - generally around 80%.  The grids will have retained some of the DE Power after the backwash, and if you add too much, it may end up in the pool. The best way to assess how much DE Power to add is to monitor the pressure gauge. Stop adding DE Powder when the gauge hits your normal operational range - generally 10-13 psi.

3. CHECK FILTER MODE - Ensure that your filter's Multiport Valve (MPV) is set on FILTER mode.

4. TURN PUMP ON - Turn the pool pump ON and let it reach prime.

5. CLOSE RELIEF VALVE - The Air Relief Valve should be open to let air out of the top of the filter. Close this valve when a steady stream of water shoots out the end of the valve.

6. ADD DE POWDER - Remove the cover to the skimmer closest to the pump and filter. Slowly add the required amount of DE Powder into the skimmer. If you simply dump the DE Powder into the skimmer, you may clog the pipes. CAUTION: WEAR A MASK WHEN ADDING DE POWDER. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BREATH THIS POWDER INTO YOUR LUNGS.

7. CHECK AIR PRESSURE GAUGE - Check the reading on the Air Pressure Gauge to determine when you have added enough DE Powder. When the gauge hits its normal operational value, stop adding powder.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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