How to Use a PureColors Led Bulb

Here is our How to guide on How to Operate a PureColors Led Bulb. There are few colors and color light shows to navigate through and in this guide, we will walk you through that process.

1. Once installed, you can operate the light with your standard light switch or any controller that operates the circuit going to the light.

2. To select a color or light show turn the light on, then off, then back on within 2 seconds to change the color of the light.

3. To control multiple lights with one switch or controller, the lights must be connected to a junction box and the same breaker in order for them to be synced.

4. To sync, first, make sure the lights are turned off for 20 seconds.

5. Turn the lights on then off three times.

6. Turn the lights back on in order for them to be synced.

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