How to Understand and Adjust the Hayward Aqua Rite SCG Operational Values

The following instruction describes the Display Readings on a Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator (SCG) and links you to a series of guides that tell you have to adjust or recalibrate some of these values including: Average Salt Level; Units of Measure, Cell Size, and Inspect Cell Timer Value.

1. The Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator displays a total of 9 diagnostic parameters that are accessed by pushing the Diagnostic button sequentially. The default display is the Average Salt Level.  If the button is not pushed for 30 seconds, the display will revert back to this salt display.

2. Push 1, POOL TEMPERATURE - When you push the diagnostic button the first time, the display will show you the pool water temperature as it is measured inside the cell. The Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The default unit is Fahrenheit.

3. Push 2, CELL VOLTAGE - The Cell Voltage is typically 22.0 to 25.0 Volts when chlorine is being generated, otherwise it is 30 to 35 Volts.

4. Push 3, CELL AMPERAGE - The cell's average amperage when chlorine is being generated varies with the size of cell installed: T-15 is 3.1 to 8.0 amps; T-9 is 2.3 to 6.7 amps; T-5 is 1.9 to 5.7 amps; and t-3 is 1.3 to 4.5 amps. When the cell is not generating chlorine the amperage is 0. If the amperage is below the applicable range, check the salt level and inspect and clean the cell.

5. Push 4, DESIRED OUTPUT % - The percent of time the Cell in ON. Run from "0P" to "100P" depending on the knob position.

6. Push 5, INSTANT SALT LEVEL - The salt level that the System is calculating during the chlorination cycle. A "-" symbol is place in front of the number to distinguish it from the Average Salt Level.  Measured in ppm or grams/Liter depending on units of measure setting.

7. Push 6, PROGRAM CODE - This identifies the product. "AL-0" signifies "Aqua Rite".

8. Push 7, MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD REVISION - This signifies the software revision level in the Main Circuit Board [currently r-1.59].

9. Push 8, CELL SIZE - The Aqua Rite SCG uses one of 4 Cell sizes - t-15, t-9, t-5, or t-3. The Cell size displayed here has to match the installed cell to ensure proper operation including salt calculation. The cell install in this system is t-3.

10. Push 9, AVERAGE SALT LEVEL (DEFAULT) - On the 9th push of the Diagnostic Button, the display returns to the default display value, "Average Salt Level". The Average Salt Level reading is a sliding window of Instant Salt Level readings sampled every 3 hours or so. The Average Salt Level should track fairly close to the Instant Salt Level but occasionally, after some events like adding salt or changing cells, the two levels are considerably out of sync.

11. "HI" SALT DISPLAY - The higher the salt level, the higher the amperage that is drawn by the Aqua Rite SCG.  If the three larger size cells draw over 10 Amps or the smallest cell draw over 8 amps, the SCG will shut down to prevent itself from overheating. Upon shutting down the display will show "HI". The "High Salt" LED will also illuminate to signal that the pool's salt level must be reduced. See our guide on "How To Reduce the Salt Level In Your Pool" for more information.

12. RESET INSPECT CELL TIMER - An internal timer is set inside the Aqua Rite SCG to remind you to inspect and clean the Cell. If the "Inspect Cell" LED is flashing and the salt level is above 2700 ppm, the 500 hour timer has been exceeded. Inspect / clean the cell and then hold down the Diagnostic Button for 3-5 seconds to reset the timer for another 500 hours.


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