How to Understand a Marathon Pool Motor Label

This guide explains which information is useful in your replacement pump motor search. When replacing a dead Marathon pool pump motor the motor label can appear to be jumble of numbers and letters.  We also provide tips on essential parts that should be replaced when installing a new pump motor.

1. Tools you may need: 1. A cloth and cleaning solution, this is needed to remove any dirt or grime causing your pump motor label to be unreadable 2. A Shaft Seal or GOKIT when replacing your motor. Working seals and gaskets are vital to the health of your pool pump. A malfunctioning shaft seal will cause water from the pump to leak into your electrical motor causing it to fail prematurely. A GOKIT includes the complete set of your pumps gaskets and O-rings, including the shaft seal.

2. When you're searching for a Marathon replacement pool motor the key pieces of information you can have are the Model (MOD) or Catalog (CAT) number. These numbers exactly identify the motor and ratings, when entered into Inyo's product search engine a drop-in replacement can be found. A model number for a Marathon Pool Motor is listed on the left hand corner of the label. This number has a distinct format which will begin with a "5KC" with eight to ten interchanging numbers and letters following. For example, 5KC38SN6084X, as is this number can be searched in our product catalog. The Catalog Number (CAT) is listed on the left hand corner of the motor. Its format will begin with a "C" with four digits after, for example C1245. If the model number not available use this CAT number to search your pool pump motor match.

3. A search of the numbers described above will provide an exact match with a simple search but sometimes those numbers may be scratched off or not listed. In cases such as these you will need use other ratings on your label to search for a proper replacement. These ratings are the Horsepower (HP), Service Factor (SF), and Frame (FR).

4. The Horsepower (HP) rating is the power output of your motor, like a car engine, more Hp determines more flow. This number is important to match because any change in HP may cause you to change impeller and/or diffuser.

5. The Service Factor (SF) of a motor helps you determine the "Total HP" of its output. This is done by multiplying the horsepower by the service factor the product is the true HP of your motor. There are two separate categories of service factor ratings, Up Rated and Full Rated. An SF listed at 1.27 and below is considered Up Rated, anything above is Full Rated. When considering a motor replacement makes sure the service factor matches or there could be an incompatibility with your pump.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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