How to Store Your Above-Ground Pool During the Winter. Part II: When You Need It?

Since we're sure that you're already planning on taking down your pool, here are a few reasons why you should still keep it up.

It’s commonly assumed that starting fresh every year is beneficial for the water chemistry of your pool. However, in reality, draining and starting from scratch each year can be very costly.

You only need a reset once in a while to get rid of the harmful chemicals in your pool. It’s usually a few years before it happens, and you can rest assured that it will happen. You only really need a reset when your total dissolved solids (TDS) spike to an alarming height and render the chemicals you add to your pool more or less null. But don’t worry too much about it—it usually takes a few years for this to happen, and you’ll know when it’s coming.

Water chemistry is the key to keeping a pool working properly. Unfortunately, most inflatable swimming pools are not designed to endure the freezing conditions that can cause permanent damage to them.

If you have an above-ground pool, don’t worry. Just make sure that the pool is secured properly.


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