How to Set Up AquaSonic Underwater Speaker Screen

This guide will walk you through installing an AquaSonic Under water speaker screen onto a Pentair face ring.

1. Carefully remove the rubber ring from the face ring screw. Save the rubber ring.

2. Remove the screw from the face ring. Save the screw.

3. Put on a pair of work gloves to avoid being cut by the screen's sharp edges.

4. Place the bottom of the screen into the face ring aligning the feet around the tab. Note that the smooth beveled side of the screen should face outward toward the front of the face ring.

5. Push the screen all the way into the face ring. You may need to flex the screen in a little to ensure a secure fit.

6. Insert the screw through the face ring. There is a small hole cut out for the screw in the screen.

7. Carefully place the rubber ring onto the face ring screw.

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