How To Set up a Water Misting Fan

A water misting fan is a good way to cool a small outdoor space such as a patio or section of pool deck. Since these fans come with a 3-prong plug and attach to a standard garden hose, they are pretty easy for the do-it-yourselfer to install.

1. Select a stable, flat, and solid vertical surface for your fan. The fan will include a mounting bracket with a large mounting hole. Mount the bracket placing the appropriate 3/8” hardware through the mounting hole. The fan should not be mounted in a window as rain and moisture can result in an electrical hazard.

2. Attach brass male adapter with Teflon tape to the misting ring with a 9/16” wrench.

3. Attach the other end of brass male adapter to the nylon tubing using a 9/16” wrench and a 5/8” wrench. Be sure to hand-tighten the nut, then complete the seal with one wrench turn of fitting. Do not over-tighten.

4. Attach the hose adapter to the end of the nylon tubing and wrench tight. The manufacturer recommends using the full 25 ft of nylon tubing.

5. Center the misting ring on the front of the fan and attach with zip-ties.

6. Flush the system before putting in the mister nozzles. Insert the nozzles and begin misting.

7. Adjust the air flow upward or downward by tilting the head of the fan. To change the fan speed, pull on the chain; each pull will change it to the next speed setting (the fan has three settings - low, medium and high).

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