How To Set Up a Pentair Intelliflo VS Pump

This guide will help you to install the Pentair Intelliflo VS Pump. The steps will cover the basic plumbing and electrical procedures.

1. Before starting to remove the old pool pump, TURN OFF ALL POWER TO THE POOL PUMP at the breaker box.

2. We are now going to disconnect the wires to the old pool pump. If you are uncomfortable with working with electricity, contact a licensed electrician for help in disconnecting and reconnecting the pool pumps. You can hurt yourself or damage the pump if you are unsure about what you are doing. Remove the two screws that hold the cover onto the end of the motor. Remove the cover.

3. This is a picture of the wiring on the old pool pump. Since the new pool pump is equivalent to the old pool pump, you will want to wire the new pump exactly like this. The first thing to see is that this pump has been wired for 230 V and not 115V. The white arrow on top of the 2 prong black plug is pointing at 230V. Three wires are coming to the pump from the circuit box: red, black and green. For 230V both red and black are load wires, there is no neutral. In this case red is going to the L1 terminal and black is going to the L2 terminal. The green wire is ground and is secured under the green screw to the far right.

4. Take the three in-coming wires (green, red and black) off their terminals.

5. Unscrew the conduit collar to disconnect the conduit from the pool pump and pull the three wires through the metal elbow. Be careful that you do not strip the insulation off of the wires as you are pulling them out of the metal elbow.

6. After the three wires are free of the pool pump, unscrew the elbow off of the old pool pump. You will replace this on the new pool pump.

7. Unfasten the heavy copper bonding wire from bonding lug on the pool pump motor. Use pliers if this lug is rusted. At this point, all electrical wires are disconnected from your old pool pump and you are ready to cut the pool pump out of your pool system.

8. Your next step is to identify where you have to cut the piping to remove the old pool pump.

9. IMPORTANT. RELIEVE THE PRESSURE in the system before making any cuts. To relieve pressure, screw the relief valve on your filter counter-clockwise. The reading on the pressure valve should drop to zero.

10. Cut the pipe on the intake side of the pump. You can buy a large PVC pipe cutter that make a clean straight cut or you can use a regular hacksaw. Just remember to make as square a cut as possible.

11. Cut the pipe on the discharge side of the pump.

12. Lift out the old pool pump and set it aside.

13. Lay the new Pentair Intelliflo pump where the old pump was. We want to hook up the suction side of the pool pump first so we know exactly where the new pump will be positioned.

14. Our first fitting will be the one connecting the pipe to the pool pump on the suction side. This pool had 1.5" plumbing so this fitting has 2" threaded end and a 1 1/2 slip end. The threaded end screws into the pool pump. To seal this joint, use Teflon tape. Make sure the fitting is thoroughly cleaned. When applying the Teflon tape to the threads, wrap the entire threaded portion of the male fitting with two to four layers of tape. Wind the tape CLOCKWISE as you face the open end of the fitting, beginning at the end of the fitting. DO NOT use Plumber's Pipe Dope.

15. Screw the threaded fitting into the pool pump. Tighten the fitting by hand and then use a tool to engage the fitting an additional 1 1/2 turns. DO NOT over tighten the fitting.

16. Once the fitting is threaded into the intake of the Pentair Intelliflo, the suction line pvc can be glued into the fitting.

17. Make sure the pipe and inside of the fitting are clean. Glueing is a two step process. First apply a thin but even coat of purple primer on each surface to be joined: the outside of the pipe and the inside of suction fitting. After the primer dries, apply a thin even coat of glue to both surfaces. Immediately push the suction pipe all the way into the suction fitting.

18. Next we will connect the discharge side of the pool pump. Tape another 2" threaded fitting and screw it into the discharge port on top of the pump.

19. Once the fitting is threaded into the discharge port, glue the discharge line into the discharge fitting. Note: Some applications will require some pvc sleeves and elbows so that the plumbing will correctly line up with the intake and discharge of the pump.

20. This picture shows the Pentair Intelliflo completely plumbed.

21. The next steps will involve connecting the power back to the new Pentair Intelliflo.

22. Remove the cap on the back right corner of the Pentair Intelliflo. This will expose the electrical connections of the pump.

23. Screw the metal conduit adpater into the pump housing. Feed the 3 wires through the elbow.

24. Attached the three wire to their appropriate terminals. Red and Black to L1 and L2. The green wire will go to the green screw.

25. Connect the bonding wire to the bonding lug on the Pentair Intelliflo.

26. Replace the cap on the Pentair Intelliflo that covers the wiring.

27. Note: The next steps will explain how the Intelliflo should be wired to a pool timer. Disregard the next steps and skip to step 33 if you do not have a pool pump timer.

28. The most common timer is the Intermatic T100 Series. For 220v models, the single speed pump is normally connected to terminals 2 and 4. You will need to move the lines from the pump from terminals 2 and 4 to terminals 1 and 3. The reason for this is that terminals 1 and 3 are always hot. This means there is always power running to whatever is hooked up to terminals 1 and 3. The display on the Intelliflo needs power to keep time and set programs.

29. Remove the plastic insulator that covers the timer terminals.

30. Locate the red cable on terminal 2 that came from the pump. Move this cable from terminal 2 to terminal 1. Next, locate the black cable on terminal 4 that came from the pump. Move this cable from terminal 4 to terminal 3.

31. Connect the ground wire to the green screw located on the Intermatic timer mechanism. The ground wire will be green or exposed copper.

32. The pump is now correctly wired so that the pump will always have electricity. Re-install the plastic insulator that covers the timer terminals.

33. If the pump has power there will be a green LED illuminated. At this point you will need to program the pump. This would include setting the minimum/maximum speed and run time. Since every application is different you will need to use the owner's manual in order to set the proper parameters for your pool.

34. Before turning the pump on for the first time, we recommend priming the pump with water. Remove the pump lid and place a garden hose inside the strainer. Turn the water on and fill the strainer. Place the lid back on the pump.

35. You can now turn the pump on and begin to reap the benefits of a variable speed pump.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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