How To Select The Right Kiddie Pool

The intention of this guide is to present you some tips on how to choose the right baby pool.
A kiddie pool can be a great investment — if you know what to look for. Not every kiddie pool is suited to every situation. When purchasing a swimming pool for your kids or toddlers there are many important things to consider. Generally speaking, the kiddie pool you want to get depends on the age of the kid/s who’ll be using it. But before you make your kiddie pool purchase, you should pay attention to some features:

1) Yard Size
The size of your yard or play area will determine what size of kiddie pool you should look for. Kiddie pool sizes vary greatly, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits your space, regardless of how small it may be. Some small splash pads for toddlers are just twenty-eight inches in diameter, but an inflatable family pool may be 10’ long.Before shopping for your pool, measure the area of the space you would like it to occupy. Then look for pools that are at least a couple of feet smaller than that measurement. You’ll want to ensure that there is plenty of room to move around the outside of the pool so you can stay within arms’ reach of your child.

2) Your Child's Age
Safety is, of course, the most important factor in choosing a kiddie pool. Always look for a pool that is suitable for your child’s age and abilities.Before a baby is mobile, to prevent accidents, you probably don’t want more than one or two inches of water for them to splash around in. Also, most babies don’t love the sprinkler effect of some toddler pools. It’s a good idea to look for a pool meant for younger babies that includes some support to keep them upright.Once your baby becomes mobile, you can add a couple of inches in water depth or try a splash pad with some fun additions like a slide or sprinkler.As your child continues to grow, you can increase the depth of the pool water according to their comfort level and abilities.

3) Extra Requirements
An inflatable pool will require some form of pump for inflation. If the pool is small, a foot pump may suffice. But for many kiddie pools, an electric air pump is necessary. The average kiddie pool can be inflated in less than three minutes with an electric pump but will require three to four times that (and a lot of physical energy) if you’re using a foot pump. However, if you’re using an electric pump, you’ll also need a power source nearby.

4) Portability
If you want to use the kiddie pool in different places – for instance at your home and on a vacation trip – it should be easy for transportation. Most inflatable pools, when empty, can be folded up fairly small, but they will also require an air pump (and a power source if your pump is electric). Large, hard plastic pools are not very portable and are best to use at home only. Some pools even come with a carrying bag or case, making them a great choice for portability.

5) Storage Space
Another consideration you need to make is where you will be storing your pool when it’s not in use. If you only have a small space on a shelf indoors, an inflatable pool will be a good choice as they are fairly compact after folding. But if your pool will be stored somewhere that isn’t temperature controlled (such as an uninsulated shed), you may wish to opt for something made with canvas or hard plastic, as they’re less likely to warp or crack in extreme temperatures.

6) Design
Kiddie pools come in a range of designs, so it is possible to get any shape or size you want. You can get a pool that has a slide attached to it, one with sprinklers or one in the shape of your kid’s favorite animal. Since you would be buying the pool for the kids, it is vital to choose a color and theme that would appeal to the kids most.

7) Adaptability
Kiddie pools are ideal for use during summer; however, you can go for a type that you can use regardless of the weather outside. Some pools can be used in the house as a ball pit in the playroom, as a storage bin for toys, a rinse-off station or as a planting station.

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