How to Replace Pentair 619495 Colorwheel Motor with Gear

If you own a Pentair 619495 Colorwheel light fixture, you may need to replace the motor from time to time. The motor is responsible for powering the color wheel in the light fixture, which allows you to control the various colors and effects that the light can produce.

Replacing the motor isn’t too difficult of a task and can be done in a few simple steps.

  • First, you’ll want to turn off the power to the light fixture. Disconnect the power supply and remove the light fixture from the wall or ceiling.
  • Then, remove the screws that hold the plastic cover to the light fixture. Once the cover is off, you’ll need to remove the screws that hold the motor in place.
  • Next, you’ll want to remove the motor. Make sure to note the wiring connections as you’ll need to reconnect them when you install the new motor.
  • Once the motor is removed, you can install the new motor. Make sure to connect the wiring as it was before and then secure the motor in place with the screws.
  • The last step is to reinstall the cover and then reconnect the power supply. Once the power is connected, you can turn it back on and test the light fixture to make sure the motor is working properly. If all is working, then you’ve successfully replaced the Pentair 619495 Colorwheel motor with a new one.

Replacing the motor in your Pentair 619495 Colorwheel light fixture is a fairly simple task that can be completed in just a few steps. Just make sure you disconnect the power before attempting to replace the motor and that you reconnect the wiring correctly when you install the new one. With some basic knowledge and a few tools, you can easily replace the motor in your light fixture and get it back up and running again in no time.


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