How to Replace Pentair 05166-0004 Trim Ring Assembly

If you own a Pentair 05166-0004 pool pump, you may need to replace the trim ring assembly at some point. This can be a tricky task, as the trim ring assembly is an essential part of the pump and its removal requires some skill.

Fortunately, the process of replacing the trim ring assembly is relatively simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Turn off the power

Before you do anything else, make sure to turn off the power to your pool pump. This is a very important safety precaution that should never be overlooked.

Step 2: Loosen the screws

Once the power is off, you can begin to loosen the screws that hold the trim ring assembly in place. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the trim ring assembly.

Step 3: Remove the old trim ring

Once the screws are removed, you can easily remove the old trim ring assembly.

Step 4: Install the new trim ring

Take the new trim ring assembly and place it into the opening where the old one was. Make sure that it is securely in place and that all of the screws are tightened.

Step 5: Turn the power back on

Once the new trim ring assembly is in place and all of the screws are tightened, you can turn the power back on to your pool pump.

Replacing the Pentair 05166-0004 trim ring assembly is a relatively simple task that you can do yourself. Just make sure to turn the power off before you begin and follow the steps outlined above. Before you know it, your pool pump will be running like new!

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