How to Replace a Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner Short Cable

Many Dolphin pool cleaners have a swivel incorporated in their cable to help keep the cable from twisting during operation. With use, the electrical connection in this swivel might break down and have to be replaced. Maytronics now sells a short 4-foot cable to replace the damaged section of the cable between the motor and the swivel. This guide shows you how to replace the 4-foot section of cable. Although this guide is tailored to a Triton Cleaner, most of the steps are applicable to the other Dolphin Cleaners with swivels.

1. ORDER PARTS - You have two options to select from for replacing your 1.2m (4') short cable. The  Maytronics Dolphin Triton Robotic Cleaner featured here, uses the short cable with a metal spring as shown in the picture, 9995791-RC-DIY.Other Dolphin Cleaners may use the short cable with a rubber spring, 9995791-DIY. Buy the one that matches your current short cable.

2. TURN OFF POWER - Before working on your Maytronics Dolphin Triton Robotic Cleaner, make sure you have disconnected all power to the unit.

3. UNSCREW IMPELLER COVER - The Impeller cover is secured into the top of the Cover Assembly with 2 screws. Remove these screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. Do not use a power drill. You run the risk of stripping the threads. Set these screws aside. They are shorter than the rest of the screws you will be removing.

4. LIFT OFF IMPELLER COVER - The Impeller Cover is in flush with the Cover Assembly. You may need to use a small screwdriver to gently pry it out of the Assembly. Note how the cover fits around the cable spring.

5. UNSCREW COVER ASSEMBLY - Remove the 4 top corner screws that hold the top Cover Assembly to the Cleaner's chassis.

6. LIFT OFF COVER ASSEMBLY - Lift the Cover Assembly up off of the top of the Cleaner. You will have to thread the Cover Assembly along the power cord to get it off far enough to work on.

7. UNSCREW WHITE PLUG - Inset the ends of a pair of pliers in the holes on top of the white plug and unscrew the plug in a counter-clockwise direction.

8. LIFT PLUG - Pull the white plug up and out of the socket and slide it down the cable.

9. PULL OUT BLACK CONNECTOR - Using the cable pull the black connect and gasket straight up out of the socket. It will take a strong steady tug.

10. VIEW PLUG GASKET - Here is a picture of what the black plug and water tight gasket look like once extracted.

11. REMOVE RETAINER CLAMP - Unscrew the clamp that holds the cable to the motor.

12. SEPARATE SWIVEL - The short cable separates at the top of the swivel. Twist the top section of the swivel in a counter-clockwise direction. You may have to use a channel lock wrench to start it, but it should come apart easily. The insert in the picture shows how the swivel connects inside the enclosure. The pins embedded in the head of the short cable make contact with the rings in the bottom of the longer part of the swivel. The longer part of the swivel rotates during operation to prevent the cable from twisting.

13. SEPARATE PLUG COMPONENTS - Spread out the three plug components at the end of the new short cable.

14. LUBRICATE O-RING - Lubricate the O-ring on the black connector.

15. VIEW CONNECTOR - The connector has a groove on its side to line up with the ridge in the socket when you plug it in.

16. INSERT CONNECTOR - Line the connector up with the socket groove and push it in as far as it will go.

17. SLIDE DOWN GASKET - Slide the gasket down the cable into the socket until it is on top of the connector.

18. SCREW ON WHITE CAP - Slide the white cap down the cable and screw it into the socket.

19. TIGHTEN WITH PLIERS - Using a pair of pliers, screw the cap down until it is tight.

20. REPLACE RETAINER CLAMP - Replace the cable retainer clamp with two screws to secure the cable..

21. THREAD SHORT CABLE THROUGH TOP ASSEMBLY - Pull the free end of the short cable up through the top assembly. 

22. POSITION  COVER ASSEMBLY - Position the cover assembly over the top of the cleaner body to line up with the four corner screw holes.

23. INSERT SPRING - Work the end of the cable spring into the cable slot provided in the top of the cover assembly.

24. ENGAGE COVER TABS - There are two sets of cover tabs that line up and secure the cover assembly to the cleaner body. Make sure those sets are engaged on each side before screwing the cover assembly on.

25. SCREW ON COVER ASSEMBLY - Secure the four screws that hold the Cover Assembly to the body.

26. REPLACE IMPELLER COVER - Place the new Impeller Cover into the top of the Cover Assembly. Work it around the Floating Cord connection first then lay the other end down. Make sure the Cover is flush with the Cover Assembly.  Secure the two screws to hold the Impeller Cover to the Cover Assembly. Hand tighten with a manual screwdriver. DO NOT over tighten. 

27. LUBRICATE  SWIVEL O-RING - Lubricate the O-ring on the top of the swivel with a silicon or Teflon based lubricant.

28. CONNECT NEW SHORT CABLE TO SWIVEL - Insert the end of the short cable into the swivel enclosure and twist it together with a clockwise motion.

29. READY TO GO - The replacement of your Dolphin short cable is complete and your Cleaner is ready to go.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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