How to Replace a Hot Tub Cover Clip?
Aside from being durable and attractive, hot tub covers are also incredibly helpful for minimizing maintenance. Below are some of the most common features that come with these covers.

How to replace hot tub cover clips? There are various ways to do so, such as: Cut the Strap, sew the Strap, or use the Cut the Clip method.



A spa cover strap is a type of garment that consists of a couple of inches of looped vinyl or woven mesh, which is folded over in half after the clip is slid onto it. To cut the strap, use a backpack strap to secure it.

If your bag has multiple straps, make sure that one of them is attached to the cover, and the other one is on the other end. If one is folded over, cut the strap near the end and re-position the latch.



Additional stitching may be sewn in between the locking clip and the strap. This method is usually used to replace spa cover clips.

To create a new clip, slide the old one through the gap, and then slide the new one into position. This step is shown in the image below, and it shows a piece of paper that has been cut.



There is another method that involves cutting the strap just above the clip, and then sewing or stitching it back together again. This method works even if the strap is already worn.

Awls can be found in almost any fabric store or department store for under $10! To make a good awl, start by sewing the end of the strap to itself, after running it through the cover clip.

NOTE: The tension of the strap is very important when attaching the lower latch to the spa skirt. Too loose can cause the cover to get too tight, which can make it harder to remove.

Make the strap tight enough so that the user can easily push down on the cover while unlatching the clip. This ensures that the protection against wind damage is secured.

The clips on the cover are prone to breaking after years of use in hot and frozen conditions. If you're not sure about the fit, try fitting a new cover strap.


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