How To Repair a Pool Pump Motor - Motor Shuts Down

If your pool pump motor starts but shuts down unexpectedly it is probably overloaded and the thermal overload protection device has tripped. This guide discusses what to look for to correct this issue.

1. CHECK VOLTAGE - Measure the voltage level to the motor terminal. It should be within 10 percent of the voltage listed on the motor label. If it is too high call the local Power Company. This picture shows measuring the voltage across the two output lines to the pump.

2. CHECK AMPERAGE - Measure the amperage to the motor terminal. If high, find out if the pump impeller was recently replaced (it could be sized incorrectly). Remember, motor horsepower times the service factor = total horsepower. Total horsepower must be equal to or greater than the impeller rating. If the impeller is too large for the motor, it will be trying to push more water than the motor can handle and the motor will overload, get hot, and shut down.

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