How To Remove Dog Hair From A Pool

In this guide presents you a simple way to remove all the dog hair from the pool.Dogs have a blast swimming in pools. However, they leave behind a hairy mess on the surface of the pool. Besides being unsightly, that hair could clog up the pool pump impeller

1. The first step will be to purchase skimmer socks. Nylon stockings can be used in a pinch.

2. Remove the skimmer lid and pull out the skimmer basket.

3. Wrap the edge of the skimmer sock around the rim of the basket. The material should be inside the basket.
If your basket has a handle, go ahead and remove it.

4. Place the basket back in the skimmer and place the lid back on.

5. Turn the pump on and let it run until the surface is free of dog hair.

6. Once the surface is clean, remove the basket from the skimmer. The skimmer sock can either be thrown away or washed out and used again.

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