How To Reinstall a Pool Liner Back In the Track

This guide will help you to put the liner back into the track. It's not uncommon for a section of pool liner to pull out of the track. 

1. This is an image of how the liner bead should fit into the track.

Please Note: This image includes a liner lock. This is the thin white piece with barbs. See step 6 for more information on liner lock.

2. In order to do this job correctly, the liner needs to be warm. We suggest doing this on a warm and sunny day so that the liner is stretchy. If the weather is cold, keep a warm bucket of water ready. Pouring warm water on the liner will make it more pliable.

3. Grab the top of the liner and pinch together the bead track and liner with your thumb and first two fingers.

4. Pull up on the liner and guide the bead into the track by applying pressure on the bead.

5. If you are dealing with a section that is longer than a foot, work in one direction 6" at a time.

6. If the liner continues to pull away from the track, you will want to consider using some kind of liner lock. This is a flexible plastic piece that prevents the liner from pulling away from the wall by wedging it into the bead track.

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