How To Prevent Pool Leaks and Frozen Pipes

With cold temperatures comes the threat of frozen pipes, which can cause pool leaks. We'll talk about some ways to prevent these issues and why it's important to have a pool that's open and operational.


Pools Age

Your pool equipment and pipes are going to age faster than you think. As they get older, they are more prone to damage. This is especially true for seals that have a rubber component.


Use Your Smartphone

Set your smartphone to receive friend alerts when the temperature drops below a certain threshold.


Keeping the Valves Open Can Help.

When water gets frozen, it expands, which can cause various problems. Having the valves open will help prevent this issue. When valves are closed, it can either be a skimmer valve or a water return valve. These positions can damage the system but cause water flow to be decreased.


Leave Your Pump Run

If you have enough water in your system, keep it moving through the pump and filter. When it gets cold, keep everything running. It will save you a lot of money in the long run and provide you with a piece of mind.


Freeze Guard

These are smart pool pumps that will automatically turn on once the outside temperature gets too cold. They can also be set to set a safe baseline setting of 40 degrees. A basic unit that comes with a pool filter will start at around $185. There are many options available for this price range. One of these is a multi-speed pump. If you have a pool builder that uses this feature, make sure that the freeze guard setting is set correctly.


Winterize Your Pool

Winterizing your swimming pool is an important step to take when the temperature drops. Having the proper covers installed can help keep the pool looking its best for the next season.


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