How to Make the Pool More Fun and Less Work?

Although it's important to keep your pool looking great for as long as possible, it's also worth doing some research on how to extend its longevity. There are various factors that can affect the longevity of your pool, such as its materials and equipment.

Aside from fixing the pool’s broken surface, many other pool renovations can also be done to improve the look and feel of the water.

Every pool owner has had a dream about how they would make their pool more fun and less work.


Pool Surface Renovation

Vinyl Liner: Pool liners come in a wide array of colors and patterns; a new pool liner will always brighten up the backyard!

Plaster: White plaster was the only option back then. Now, you can mix and match various colors and textures with white plaster. Another great option is pebble plaster.

Tile and Coping:A variety of materials and colors are used in the selection of tile and coping for pool renovations.

Pool Deck: Often overlooked, the surrounding pool deck can offer endless ways to update the look of your pool.


Pool Equipment Upgrades

Variable Speed Pumps:A variable speed pump is often required for most pool pumps. They are more economical than a standard pump and can provide better performance.

Heaters: People tend to avoid using their pool due to its cold water. This is typically caused by a gas or electric heater.

Cleaners: Automatic pool cleaners operate with very little intervention, allowing you more time to enjoy your pool, instead of cleaning it.

Ladders and Rails: These ladders and rails can be replaced with designer rails that feature elegant styles and colors.

LED Lighting: Pool lighting with LED lights is an excellent alternative to traditional pool lighting. They are more energy-efficient and can last longer.

Pool Slides: When used by children or adults, pool slides are an exciting addition to their pool. There are various types of slides to choose from, such as small to tall, and custom made pool slides.

In-Pool Loungers: If your pool renovation plans include a tanning shelf, installing in-pool lounger chairs into the (shallow) floor is a must.


Outdoor Decor and Entertainment Upgrades

Once the pool has been renovated, take some time to consider the smaller details, such as the lighting elements and the sounds that will be made around it.

Entertain guests with a fire pit or a fire table for a warm dinner. Pool renovations can also include adding outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters.


Other Exciting Pool Upgrade Options

Water Features:Water features such as waterfalls, wall spouts, and step bubbles are commonly used in swimming pools. Most of the time, a pool water feature requires a booster pump and dedicated plumbing to operate.

Baja Shelf:A Baja shelf is a shallow area of the pool that can be used for placing chaise loungers or pool beds. It's also a great place to play with toddlers.

Pool Automation: A pool automation system is commonly used to control various aspects of a pool, such as lighting, filtration, and heating. Pool controllers can be programmed from a remote location.


Pool Remodeling: Step by Step

  1. Scout pool renovation contractors
  2. Meet with each to exchange ideas
  3. Get your quotes and compare
  4. Meet with top candidates again
  5. Select your pool renovation contractor
  6. Finalize contract, down to each detail
  7. Begin work
  8. Monitor and manage progress
  9. Wrap up details
  10.  Add water and enjoy your new pool! 


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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