How To Maintain Pool During Freezing Winter

If you’re from the Midwestern part of the country, you probably have a hard time keeping your pool clean during the winter. This is especially true if you live in a region that gets a lot of snow.


1. Having a pool safety cover is a great idea to keep kids and animals safe from potential drowning.

Some experts suggest opening the cover for snow, since it’s not designed to hold a lot of weight. If you have a lot of snow, it could increase the amount of water line that you drain below the skimmer to prevent damage. It’s also important to keep the cover on all winter long to avoid getting covered in snow and ice. Having a Shop Vac will help keep it clean.


2. When it’s time to open the pool cover, turn it on and add a gallon of chlorine. This will help boost the water's natural chlorine content and make it more accessible for pool opening day.


3. Unfortunately, this algae can be a nuisance that pool owners are not able to control. After a long winter, it’s likely that your pool pump will be working properly on opening day. Give it a shot before the water freezes. On the day of your pool opening, treat it with algaecide.


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