How to Maintain a Hot Tub?

There are a lot of things that go into maintaining a hot tub or a spa, but it can be done in a simple and effective manner. This is a great place to start since there are a variety of tasks that can be done each day.



1. Circulate and Filter Water

Your hot tub should filter at least twice a day to keep it fresh and clean. It’s also important to keep the water running smoothly and free of algae.

2. Check the Cabinet and Cover

Make sure that the hot tub is free from obvious issues, such as a puddle of water. Also, check to make sure that the cover is installed properly. Having a walk around the tub can help avoid these issues.

A well-fitting cover will also help conserve your hot tub’s energy. It’s also important to prevent debris and dirt from entering the water. Having the cover installed correctly will help keep the pool clean.

3. Take the Temperature

A hot tub that's not heating or cooling can also signal a potential issue with the electrical components of the unit. To avoid this, make sure the water is in the proper temperature range.



1. Test and Balance the Water

At least 3 times a week, test the water and its chemical composition to see how it performs. If it gets too hot, test the sanitizer levels more frequently.


2. Shock the Water

At least once a week, use quality spa shock to properly sanitize the water and remove bromamines. There are various ways to use this method, such as using a non-chlorine shock or a dichlor shock.


3. Air Out the Cover

It’s important to remove the cover from the hot tub to prevent mold and mildew growth. Once or twice a week, allow the cover to air dry completely. This will help prolong the longevity of the cover.


4. Clean the Hot Tub

Use a spa vacuum or a handheld device to keep the hot tub free of debris and dirt. If you have large pieces of debris such as leaves floating around the water, a leaf skimmer is a good idea.

If you have a few issues with the waterline, a deep cleaning is a great way to get it back to normal. However, if you have a lot of issues, you might want to do a quarterly cleaning or a monthly cleaning.

Having issues with oil residue in your filter? Getting rid of it with a scum remover will help remove it and prevent it from staining your waterline.


5. Clean the Filter

Most hot tubs require their filter cartridges to be cleaned once a week. It is assumed that around 2-3 people use it a week, and this amount will typically require more frequent cleanings to remove residue and oils.



1. Get Professional Water Testing

Having your hot tub's water tested at least once a month is a good idea. We offer a free 10-point AccuBlue test that measures the complete chemistry of your water.


2. Thoroughly Inspect the Cover

A deteriorating or damaged cover can quickly turn into a nuisance. It can cause issues with your hot tub's heating efficiency, increase your cleaning time, and make it a breeding ground for harmful mold.

If your hot tub is starting to crack, warp, or water damage, it's time to replace it. Custom hot tub covers usually take a few weeks to build and ship.



1. Clean and Condition the Hot Tub Cover

These durable vinyl covers are made from marine grade vinyl and are UV-resistant. However, they can also fade and crack if they are not regularly washed and treated. To keep them looking new, use a hot tub cover cleaner and Conditioner once a month.


2. Purge the Plumbing

Even the most well-balanced hot tub can have traces of organic matter in its lines. This can create a bad taste in the system and contribute to the development of bacteria.

Before draining your hot tub, add an enzyme product to your hot tub. This will remove the stubborn biofilm from the pipes and keep the water clear.

An enzyme product called Spa Perfect can help break down organic debris and oils in the water. It also prevents the formation of biofilm, which can lead to staining and loss of effectiveness.


3. Drain and Refill the Hot Tub

Due to the lack of water storage space, hot tubs can become contaminated with chemicals and pollutants. It is important to their scarcity that they are regularly drained to keep the water fresh.

This is a good time to perform other maintenance tasks on the tub, such as cleaning the jets, removing the lines, or performing major repairs. It’s also a good time to prepare for a new filter.


4. Soak the Filter

While the hot tub is being cleaned, try soaking your filter cartridges in a cleaning solution to remove buildup and debris. This method will increase the longevity of your filter by removing the debris.



1. Replace Filter Cartridge(s)

Depending on the frequency of use, a hot tub filter cartridge can last for about 12 months. If it gets used a lot, it should get a new filter sooner than most.

The fibers that make up the filter start to loosen and become harder to clean. They also start to stain the filter.


2. Open the Spa Cabinet

Having a look inside the spa can help prevent pests and make sure that the wiring is working properly. Also, it’s a good idea to check the area around the cabinet for signs of damage.

When it comes to keeping your hot tub running smoothly, it's a good time to check the cabinet for signs of rot or other issues. It's also a good time to perform a bit of maintenance on your pump.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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