How To Maintain a Hayward Filter Control Slide Valve

This guide explains you where the O-rings are and how to lubricate them.There are 4 O-rings in the Hayward SP-410X62 Filter Control Slide Assembly. These O-rings have to be lubricated periodically to ensure smooth operation of the Slide Valve

1. TURN POWER OFF - Make sure that power to the pump is turned OFF before you open up the Slide Valve.

2. REMOVE BONNET NUT - Unscrew the Bonnet Nut counter-clockwise to free it from the Body Assembly.

3. PULL OUT SHAFT ASSEMBLY - Pull straight up on the Handle to lift it and the Shaft Assembly out of the Body Assembly.

4. LOCATE O-RINGS - There are three O-rings visible on the Shaft assembly as shown in the picture. A forth O-ring is located inside the Shaft Assembly and to access this O-ring you must partically disassemble the Shaft Assembly. 

5. INSPECT O-RINGS - Roll each of the three O-rings from their grooves and inspect them for wear or damage. You may have to start them out of their grooves with a small screwdriver. Replace O-rings as required. Note the sizes of the three O-rings as you replace them. The bottom O-ring (left) is slightly smaller than the middle O-ring and the top (right) is the largest in diameter but is thinner.

6. LUBRICATE O-RINGS - Lubricate each of the O-rings with a silicon or Teflon based lubricant. Do not use an oil based lubricant like Vasoline as they will deterioate the O-rings.

7. REPLACE O-RINGS - Replace the O-rings into their grooves. Note that the bottom Piston O-ring is slightly smaller than the top O-ring. Be sure to replace with exact sizes in the correct locations. Use of incorrect O-ring may cause binding and leakage.

8. REPLACE SHAFT ASSEMBLY - When you slide the Shaft Assembly back into the Valve Body Assembly, note the notch in the Body Assembly and the lug on the Bonnet. Ensure that these line up when you insert the Shaft Assembly.

9. SECURE BONNET NUT - Screw the Bonnet Nut clockwise back onto the Body Assembly. Hand tighten.

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