How To Keep Your Pool Clean This Winter

It's time to "change the sheets" for a more winter-ready look. You might also want to prepare for the cold seasons by adding flannelette to your bed sheets.

This is because pool covers are designed to provide various types of protection depending on the season. They're not just for aesthetics either.


Summer pool covers help keep the water clean and extend the swimming season by trapping heat under the surface. Winter covers are very useful for keeping the pool and the surrounding area safe from the harsh effects of winter. They also help keep the debris from coming into the pool and causing it to overflow.

Like winter sheets, pool covers are made of heavier material. They're also designed to be secure to the surrounding deck. Winter covers are required to keep storm water runoff from flowing into the streets and ponds. This usually consists of organic debris such as dirt, which can contain chemicals such as antibiotics and denatured chemicals.

Winter pool covers are made with a polypropylene mesh that's strong enough to endure the elements and is lightweight enough to be easily handled. These covers can be stretched over a pool for long periods of time to keep it looking good. They can also be used to keep the dirt and leaves off the cover.

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