How to Install the NP5022 Spa Cover Lifter

This page will walk you through  installing the NP5022 Spa Cover Lifter. The spa cover lifter makes it a snap to take your cover off of your spa. This spa cover lifter took about 1 1/2 hours to install. You will need a wrench set, adjustable wrench, drill, and Phillips head screw driver.

1. Open up your spa cover lifter box and separate your parts.

2. You will first need to determine the right side and left side of your spa. The image depicts the right side of your spa. You can see the spa cover lifter goes from the top of the cover down to the right side of the spa.

3. First pick up the two pivot arm stoppers and the two pivot arm bolts. Look closely at both ends of the pivot arms. The end with the extra round will fit into the cover lifter mounting bracket.

4. The following picture shows the right mounting bracket, and the position of the pivot arm bolt and pivot arm stopper. Place the pivot arms into the mounting bracket (make sure you keep straight the right and left mounting bracket. 

5. Put the Locknut on the Arm Stopper and put the bolt nut on the pivot arm bolt. Secure both tightly.

6. Turn bracket over and put the large washer on the pivot arm bolt.

7. Attach the left and right mounting brackets making sure you have the right and lift side brackets for the appropriate sides. The bracket should be 3-5" above the ground.

8. Use 4 x 1" Mounting Screws for the outer holes. Use 2 x 4" Mounting Screws for the inner holes. Pre-drill the holes with a 1/4" drill bit.

9. Place the Spacer Block on the Pivot Arm Bolt. Next, slide on the Side Arm Pivot. Next, put outer Spacer Blocker on the Side Pivot Arm on the Pivot Arm Bolt. Finaly, put a large washer on pivot arm bolt and secure with a locking nut.

10. Place the Nut Cap over the top of both the pivot arm bolt and pivot arm stopper.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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