How to Install Pentair 79110700 Mounting Spacer

Are you looking to install a Pentair 79110700 mounting spacer? Installing this spacer is easy, but it’s important to follow the instructions to ensure a successful installation. Here’s a quick guide on how to properly install it.

1. Start by gathering the necessary tools and materials. You’ll need a drill, drill bits, a wrench, and the mounting spacer.

2. Use the drill to make a hole in the surface where you’ll be mounting the spacer. Make sure the hole is big enough for the spacer to fit.

3. Place the mounting spacer in the hole and secure it with the included hardware.

4. Tighten the mounting screws with the wrench to make sure the spacer is securely in place.

5. Once the spacer is installed, you’re ready to attach whatever you need to it.

That’s it! Installing the Pentair 79110700 mounting spacer is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll have a secure and reliable installation.

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