How To Install In Ground Pool Equipment - Part 6 - Control

Part 6. This guide is on what pool equipment you would consider in building or expanding to a comprehensive pool system. This part shows you the variety of the functions that can be incorporated into a fairly comprehensive automated control system. We are featuring a Jandy Aqualink RS Control System. However much of this information can be applied to other control systems. Also most configurations of the Jandy Aqualink RS Control System are limited to the standard Aqualink system for 8 functions. This configuration shows two interlinked systems for handling up to 16.

1. This picture shows the control panel inside one of the two Jandy Aqualink RS Power Centers for this pool's control system. There is a similar control panel in the other interlinked Jandy Aqualink RS Power Center. The smaller display at the left is associated with the salt chlorine generator used in this pool system. We will discuss this display later. The longer display has a series of twelve buttons to turn the associated pool equipment on/off for servicing outside. The actual programming of these functions is performed on a Jandy Touch Panel mounted inside the house. A picture of this Touch Panel is shown in the next step. The pool equipment controlled by each of the twelve buttons is discussed in subsequent steps.

2. This is a picture of the Jandy Touch Panel mounted inside the house.

3. The first button selects the operational mode of this Power Center. If set on "auto", all buttons in this Power Center are deactivated. Control is passed to the control panel inside the house. This is normal operational mode. Setting the operational mode to "service" activates the buttons in this Power Center. This mode is used to test pool function outside next to the equipment. Setting the operational mode to "time out" turns the Power Center off.

4. The next four buttons on the Power Center control panel are labeled: Filter Pump, Air Blower, Fountain, and Deck Light.

5. Filter Pump - turns the main pool circulation pump on/off - This pool system uses a Jandy 2 HP variable speed E-Pump to circulate pool water through the pool and the spa.

6. Air Blower- turns the air blower on/off to inject air into the Spa jets.

7. Fountain - turns the water feature pump on/off which controls water to the waterfall, the four (4) laminars and two (2) bubblers in the sun shelf. This pump is a Hayward 3 HP super II Pump - single speed. The default mode for the water feature pump is to have all three features on when the pump is activated.

8. The next 4 buttons are labeled Water Feature, Water Feature, Aux 6 and Aux 7. Aux 6 and 7 are spares for future development.

9. The next 4 buttons are labeled Water Feature, Water Feature, Aux 6 and Aux 7. Aux 6 and 7 are spares for future development.

10. Water Feature (1) - Waterfall only. Rotates Valves 3, 4, and 5, discussed above, so that only the Waterfall is on. Water to the Bubbles and the Laminars is shut off.

11. Water Feature (2) - Bubblers only. Rotates Valves 3, 4, and 5 so that only the Bubblers are on. Water to the Waterfall and the Laminars is shut off.

12. The last three buttons on this control panel control the Heaters, Solar and the computer actuated Valves.

13. On this system when the "Heater" button is pushed, it activates two heaters. The first is a Jandy EE-Ti Heat Pump for long term more efficient heating. The second is a Laars Propane Heater to heat the Spa quicker. Though programming on the in-house Touch Panel, the heaters can be used separately or together and they can be used to heat the Spa, the Pool or both. This is a picture of the Jandy EE-T1 Heat Pump. As a note, some of the Jandy EE-TI Heat Pumps can be reversed and used as chillers to actually cool your pool if it becomes too hot.

14.  This is a picture of the Laars Propane Heater.

15. The Solar button is not used in this system, but we have the option of adding and controlling solar panels for heating the pool.

16. The "Valve" button toggles through 4 settings to control the flow of water to the Spa or Pool. Mode 1 is "Pool Mode". In this mode all water from the main circulation pump flows to the pool. The actuators on top of valves 1 and 2 in the picture are commanded to turn with the handles all the way to the left shutting off the water from the Spa on valve 1 and to the Spa on valve 2.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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