How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 7, Installing Liner

Part 7. This guide is on what you need to know when installing an Oval Above Ground (AG) Pool. It shows you how to install a Beaded Pool Liner in an Above Ground Oval Pool. There are some subtle differences covered here between installing a Beaded Liner in as Oval Pool versus a Round Pool. We suggest that you review the previous parts of this series before reading this section. Also, these instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

1. UNPACK LINER - Take the liner out of its shipping box and lay it out in the sun to make it more flexible and help get the winkles out. If you use a knife to open the box, be very careful that you don't cut the liner. Check the liner seams and surfaces for tears and holes. It's easier to fixed then now than in the pool.

2. VIEW LINER - Liners are typically identified by how they are attached to the top of the pool wall. Many liners come as what is called a UNIBEAD liner. They can be used as a SNAP BEADED liner or a V-BEADED liner. These styles are shown here. The V_BEADED liner fits over the top of the wall. The SNAP BEADED liner fits into a special bead track added to the top of the wall.

3. CONVERT TO A SNAP BEADED LINER - To covert the Unibead liner to a Snap Bead liner, make a two inch cut in the seam of the V-Bead as shown here and start to separate the V.

4. SEPARATE V - Starting at the 2" cut in the seam, pull the top of the V off the top of the liner.

5. REBUNDLE LINER - After the Liner has become warm, re-roll the liner so that it can be transferred inside the pool. Fold it along the long side of the Oval so you will be able to roll it out across the long length of the pool inside the pool.

6. LIFT LINER INTO POOL - Transfer the liner over the top of the wall to a person inside the pool.

7. ROLL LINER OUT - Open the liner down the middle of the pool along the longer length. Then spread the liner out towards the pool walls. Do this in your stocking feet. DO NOT step on liner with your shoes. Make sure the oval shape of the liner lines up with the oval shape of the pool.

8. BACK KICK LINER INTO CORNER - There should be a seam in the liner between the liner floor and the liner wall. Stand at the wall facing toward the center of the pool and gently push the seam into the corner of the pool by hopping up and kicking your heals into the corner. Do this all around the pool until the corner seam in in the corner of the pool. This action should remove the major wrinkles in the liner floor.

9. PUSH SNAP BEAD INTO TRACK - Push the beaded edge of the liner into the liner track.

10. GO TO NEXT PART - You are now ready to install the Top Rail Assemblies. Go to "How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 8, Installing TOP RAIL ASSEMBLIES".

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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