How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Hot Tub or Spa?
Energy Star certified equipment and insulation materials are making a huge difference in the efficiency of hot tubs and spas.

How energy efficient is your hot tub or spa? A well-insulated spa will consume less than $20 a month, while a poor one will run for over $100.


Spa Insulation

Depending on how well your spa is built, the price will vary. Generally, models with Full Foam insulation are more expensive.

When the foam's quality is high, the temperature loss from the bottom and sides of the spa is low. Another way to reduce the spa's insulation cost is by lining the walls with fiberglass insulation.

You can also improve your spa insulation by buying spray foam kits or using rigid insulation panels.


Spa Cover

The energy efficiency of a spa is greatly impacted by its cover. Most spa manufacturers do not include a proper cover for their new spas.These days, most people only use their spa covers for a few years. However, if they're not used regularly, they'll eventually become waterlogged and unusable.

A new spa cover is a great way to reduce your energy usage. It can also help keep the heat inside the room. A floating spa blanket can help reduce heat loss from the top of the spa. It can also function as a floating garment to reduce the workload on the spa cover.


Spa Heater

A spa heater is an electrical device that uses electricity to heat up the water and transfer the heat to the surface. It's up to you to make sure that it's energy-efficient and is used properly.

It's usually a good idea to keep the temperature in the spa at 95 degrees and then heat it up to 105 before you get in. However, if you use the spa almost every night, then you should consider turning it down to 75 degrees.


Spa Pump

Some spas have one pump, one for circulation, and one for jet action. There are also variable speed pumps that are commonly used in pools. When your spa pump eventually gets too old, look for energy-efficient pumps.

Usually, a spa pump can run on low speed for up to 18 hours, and on high speed for up to 4 hours. It is possible to set the timer to run less or increase the run time to get the most out of your pump's energy.


Spa Blower

The spa blower uses bubbles to create a stronger and softer water pressure in the jets. It's a great way to get the most out of your water.

When your spa blower eventually dies, there are a variety of options to get rid of it, such as a smaller or energy-efficient model. Having a nice hot bath is more relaxing than using the air.

In summary, to increase the energy efficiency of your spa or hot tub:

- Buy energy efficient pump and blower motors; look for the Energy Star logo.

- Use a quality built spa cover, and a floating foam blanket.

- Add extra insulation around the spa shell or cabinet.

- Experiment with your pump run time; and operate it less.

- Turn down the heat! 10 degrees can save 20%!



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