How To Identify When a Filter Cartridge Needs to be Replaced

If your pool continuously cloudy, If your suction cleaner moving slowly or stopped moving all together or the pressure from the return jets decreased means that it may be time to replace the cartridge element. The following guide will help you determine if it is time to replace the filter cartridge.

1. Broken Bands- Most cartridges have bands that keep the pleats from flattening out when under pressure. If the bands are broken, the cartridge will need to be replaced because the cartridge is no longer covering it's optimal surface area.

2. Pressure Does Not Decrease- If the pressure reading on the filter gauge remains the same or only slightly decreases after cleaning the cartridge, it’s likely time to replace the cartridge. This is due to the fact that the dirt and oils have embedded themselves within the media of the cartridge.

3. Damaged Fabric- The fabric in the cartridge is generally made of a polyester material. This material will weaken over time due to high pressure, chemicals, and debris. If the fabric frays or develops a hole, the cartridge needs to be replaced.

4. Cracked Top or Bottom- A cracked top or bottom will allow a large amount of water to pass through the cartridge without being filtered.

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