How to Identify and Find Above Ground Pool Parts

The moment comes when some of the parts of the pool frame beginning to rust or deform from misuse. This guide shows you how to identify and find replaceable above ground pool parts.

1. VIEW ASSEMBLED PARTS - Here's an overview of the available parts for a typical above ground pool. Each of these parts is explained in more detail below. These parts can be made in steel, aluminum, rubber or resin depending on cost and function.

2. TOP CAPS - The purpose of the Top Caps or Top Covers is to cover up the intersections of the Top Rails, Top Plates, and Uprights. Some of these Top Caps are sold in two pieces.

3. TOP RAILS - The Top Rail is sold in from 5" to 9" widths depending on the design of the pool. The purpose of the Top Rail is to maintain the spacing of the Uprights and to keep the Uprights vertical.

4. TOP PLATES - The Top Plates sit on top of the Uprights and are used to secure each set of Top Rails, Uprights, and Stabilizers

5. STABILIZERS - The Stabilizers are located under the Top Rails and are mounted on the top edge of the Pool Wall. They support the Pool Wall and help provide vertical stability.

6. UPRIGHTS - The Uprights support the Pool Wall and provide vertical stability between the top rim and bottom rim of the Pool Wall.

7. BOTTOM PLATES - The Bottom Plates serve as the base for the Uprights and secure the Bottom Rails to the Uprights. If these are metal, they are generally the first parts to rust and need replacement.

8. BOTTOM RAILS - The Bottom Rails or Bottom Tracks provide the track for the bottom edge of the Pool Wall to set in. Like the Bottom Plates. these parts, if made of metal, are the first to rust and need replacement.

9. IDENTIFYING PART NUMBER - The previous section identified the common pool parts and discussed their functions. Now we will show you how to find the part numbers of these pieces so you can order them. There are four methods.

10. 1 - FIND PART NUMBER ON PART - The first and easiest method is to locate the part number on the piece you need. This part number is often printed on or stamped into the underside of the part.

11. 2 - LOCATE PART IN OWNER'S MANUAL - The second method is to locate your owners manual and search for the list of part numbers for your pool.

12. 3 - MEASURE PART - The third method is to find the part through measurements. This is most effective for the Stabilizers, the Top Rails, and the Bottom Rails. For the Stabilizers and Bottom Rails, measure the outside curved length, the inside straight length and the width of the end.

13. 3 - MEASURE PART (cont'd) - For the Top Rails, measure their length and width.

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