How To Glue Pool Fixtures Together

In this "how to" we will guide you through how to glue the pool piping and fixtures together. Most of the PVC piping and fixtures are permanently glued together with PVC Cement when your pool's circulation system is installed. When you have to replace equipment in this system, you will generally have to cut that piece of equipment out of the piping and then reattach it to the piping with new piping and glue. 

1. Buy Glue - The "glue" you will be using is called PVC Cement and Purple Primer. and can be purchased at most hardware stores. There are several types of glue. We generally use the medium clear shown in the picture. The glue and cement are often sold as a set. If you are working in a wet environment or where the pipes are continually draining, you might use the Rain-R-Shine version of PVC Cement\ (blue can).

2. CUT PIPE - One of the first steps in replacing a piece of equipment is to cut it out and to cut replacement pipes. When you cut these piece, Try to make a straight a cut as possible. Use a sharp blade and do not force the cut. When you put a lot of pressure on the blade to get though the cut faster, the blade tends to bend and go off-center.

3. DEBURR AND CLEAN PIPE - Deburr and clean the outside and inside edges of any newly cut pipes. A file with one side flat and one side round works well.

4. CLEAN FIXTURE - Wipe the inside of the fixture port with a clean cloth.

5. GLUE PVC PIECES - Gluing is a two-step process. First apply a thin but even coat of purple primer on each surface to be joined: the outside of the pipe and the inside of the fixture. After the primer has dried, apply a THIN EVEN coat of glue to both surfaces. Immediately push the pipe all the way into the fixture and twist 1/4 turn to spread the glue. Hold the pipe in place for 30 seconds until the glue sets.

6. WAIT 2 HOURS - The glue manufacturers recommend letting the glue joints set for 2 hours before turning on the water pressure.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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