How to Find and Change Your Pool Skimmer Cover

This guide will help you to replace your pool skimmer cover. The lid on your Lid is meant as a safety and maintenance feature. It serves to prevent someone or something from falling into the skimmer well. it also provides an access point to conduct maintenance on the skimmer or your pool system.

1. This first step is key for safety; when handling any part of your pool plumbing turn off power to your pool pump. While we are inside our skimmer we do not want the pool pump to be operational.

2. Finding a replacement Skimmer Lid can be as easy as scanning the top of the Lid for the make and model. If that information is not available you can scan for the part number that identifies the replacement part. If you come up dry searching the skimmer lid top for info you will need to remove it from the skimmer to check the underside.

3. The Skimmer Lid is the easiest of the skimmer's elements to access. It is located on your deck and is usually held in by two or more screws. Remove these fastening screws.

4. After removing the lid flip it over and scan the underside for any manufacture information; like the Make and Model or the Lid's part number. The part number can be entered into our search for a quick and easy result.

5. Place the new skimmer lid in place of the original lid and secure with screws.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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