How To Clean Out a Pool Pump Impeller

This guide shows you the steps to take in cleaning out a Pool Pump Impeller.

Is your filter pressure running low or does your pump motor sound strained? Was your pool pressure fine a week or so ago? Do you have an automatic floor vacuum that is barely moving on the pool floor? If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, your pump impeller could be clogged with debris. This especially holds true if you have palm trees around your pool as the fine hairs of the palms tend to clog things up. 

1. Before you tackle the impeller, check to see that your filter and pump skimmer basket are clean.

2. If you have a floor vacuum, check to see if any of the hoses are cracked. To do this – with the pump running – pull the hoses above the water one by one and bend them back and forth. If you hear air coming from any hose, throw it out.

3. If these efforts have not increased your filter pressure, you now need to look at a possible clogged impeller. Collect a coat hanger and a pair of pliers.

4. Turn off electricity going to the pump motor at your circuit breaker, not just the timer. You don’t want the pump to turn on when you are working on the pump.

5. Remove the pump basket lid and the pump basket.

6. With the pliers, make a small hook about 1/2” - 3/4” at the end.

7. Bend the wire a bit about 6" up so you can maneuver it.

8. Insert the wire slowly into the opening leading to the impeller until it stops. Now fish around for debris.

9. Pull it out and clean it now and then. You may be surprised at how much comes out (especially if you have palms around your pool).

10. Once you are done, put the pump basket back and with a garden hose, fill the housing with water in order to prime the pump correctly. Replace the pump lid.

11. Turn on the electricity at your circuit breaker, and then turn on your pump.

12. If your pressure is still low, have a professional look at your pool as there could very well be something else wrong.

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