How To Clean a Pool Spring Check Valve

The intention of this guide is to present how to clear the debris around the seal of a Spring Check Valve. A check valve relies on a tight seal to close off the valve and prevent water backflow when the pump is shut off. If debris get caught in the  seal, it has to be cleared out to prevent backflow leakage. 

1. EXAMINE SPRING CHECK VALVE - This picture shows where debris has collected around the seal inside the Spring Check Valve. To remove this debris, you must remove the Check Valve from the plumbing.

2. REMOVE UNION COLLARS - Unscrew the collars that hold the Check Valve to the piping. The Check Valve will dropped down out of the piping.

3. REMOVE DEBRIS - Remove any debris that is around or caught in the spring seal. You may have to depress the center of the seal panel to clear the debris.

4. CHECK UNION O-RINGS - Inspect each of the union O-rings to make sure they are not cracked or stretch to the point where they won't fit tightly in their grooves. Lubricate the top surfaces of the O-rings with a small amount of silicon-based lubricant. Do not use oil based lubricant like vaseline.

5. REPLACE CHECK VALVE - Place the Check Valve back between the two unions and screw the union collars back onto the valve. Make sure the Check Valve is mounted so that the flow arrow on the Valve is pointing in the direction of the water flow when the pump is on.

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