How To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

Today we are going to show you how to clean a cartridge filter. We will be using Hayward SwimClear 200, but the instructions can be applied to most cartridge filters

The first step to cleaning your cartridge is depressurizing your plumbing; turn off your pump at the breaker, then use the filter’s air relief to flush the water from the system. Now that the pressure is gone, we can open our filter. One the SwimClear, the lid is held on by this lock knob handle( lid locks vary by model.)

Step 1

Turn off the pump & Open Air Relief Valve. Before opening your filter, turn your pump off at the breaker, to prevent the motor from accidentally kicking on while we’re working. OPening the air relief will break the prime of the pump, letting your filter drain of water.

 and open the air relief valve on the filter. Opening the air relief valve will break the vacuum in your plumbing and flush water from your pipes.

Step 2

Remove the filter’s tank lid. The hayward Swimclear 200 we are using uses a locknut to keep in place. Other filters may use a band clamp, or locking knob to secure the lid. If you’re unsure how to remove this part, refer to your owner’s manual. Place the lid to the side, on a clean surface to keep lid seal clean of dirt

Step 3

Clean cartridge with a hose, or use chemical soak for a deep clean. Set it somewhere where you can hose it off. Then what you’ll do is take a high-pressure setting on the hose nozzle. Start sprinkling it down from top to bottom. Just turn it, work your way around. All right, then after you’re done hosing it off before you put it back in, I would inspect it make sure none of the bands are broken.

if those bands are broken, it will keep the pleats together and stuff could bypass the filter. Also, if the cartridge is real soft, get pushed down on real easily, it might be time to replace or if you put it back in the pressure and your pressure gauge just jumps again, it might be time to replace or give it a good soaking in the filter cleaner.

Step 4

Place the cartridge into the cleaner, reinstall lid. After cleaning is complete, reassembly the cleaner, make sure the filter body o-ring is properly lubed and the groove in which it set is clean.

After the filter is assembled, be sure that the filter’s air relief is still open

Step 5

Prime your pump, and check for any leaks or pressure spikes. Flip your breaker, turn on your pump to start the priming process. You can also help prime the pump by filling the basket with water before turning it on. When the pump is priming you will hear the air release valve hissing as air is flushing from the system. When your air relief sprays water, close it and you are done.

If your pool pump won’t prime after referring to this guide, How To Identify Why a Pool Pump Won’t Prime.

 If you have any  other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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