How To Clean a Compupool Salt Generator Cell

This guide presents how to dismantel and clean a Compupool cell. During normal operation a white calcium residue will build up on the plates of the electrolytic cell within your salt generator. The cell operates most efficiently when the cell is clean so the manufacturers recommend cleaning these cell at least once a year.  Note: some cells such as this Compupool cell have an auto cell cleaning process that significantly reduces a calcium buildup. This in turn reduces the need to clean the cell as often. Under normal conditions, a cell should be replaced after 12,500 hours of use.

1. Before removing the cell for cleaning or replacement, make sure that you TURN OFF POWER to the pump and salt generator. For maximum safety turn off the power at the circuit breaker box. Be sure to RELIEVE THE PRESSURE at the filter's relief valve.

2. Gently pry off the cell plug on the end of the cell.

3. Generally the Cell can be extracted from the Cell Assembly without removing the Cell Assembly from the piping. If, however, your work space is tight and you have to remove the Cell Assembly, loosen the barrel unions that connect the Cell Assembly to the piping and lift the Cell Assembly off the piping. Check the O-rings for wear and replace is required.

4. Remove the outer blue cover surrounding the cell by pulling the two halves apart. You may have to press down gently at the latching points with a screwdriver to help release them. Start at the cell head end.

5. Shows outer blue cover halves after being separated.

6. Unscrew the grey locking ring at the end of the housing cylinder to remove the cell plate assembly.

7. Start the removal of the cell plate assembly by inserting a screwdriver at the collar and gently prying it from the housing.

8. Pull the cell plate assembly out of the housing.

9. Immerse the cell plate assembly into a solution of five parts water and one part muriatic acid. DO NOT SUBMERSE THE CELL HEAD when cleaning. After a few minutes remove the cell plate assembly and hose it off until the cell plates are clean.

10. Replace the cell plate assembly back into the housing cylinder. Make sure the tab on the housing lines up with the slot on the collar of the cell plate assembly.

11. Replace the grey locking ring.

12. Replace the outer blue cover. Make sure the ribbing fins line up as shown in the picture.

13. Press the two halves together. You will hear them click. Make sure that all latches are connected. They may need some pressure to engage completely.

14. Picture shows fully joined cover on the cell head end.

15. If you removed the Cell Assembly from the piping, lubricate the O-rings and place the cell assembly back onto the unions that are glued to the piping.

16. Reconnect the two barrel unions. Hand tighten only.

17. Reattach the cell plug. Make sure it is pushed on completely as shown.

18. Your salt generator cell is ready for operation. TURN POWER ON to the pump and salt generator.

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