How To Choose A Pool Diverter Valve

This guide covers the types of Pool Diverter Valves and their function, set up and replacement and installation. Diverter Valves are installed in a pool piping system to control or divert the flow of water from one part of the system to another. There are several types of Diverter Valves. 

1. TYPES OF FLOW CONTROL VALVES - Two of the more common pool flow control valves are the Diverter Valve and the Ball Valve.

2. TYPES OF DIVERTER VALVES - Diverter valves usually come in two different types.: 2-way valves and 3-way valves. Two way valves control flow to or from one port. The two-way valve can be used to turn the flow completely off, completely on, or anywhere in between by turning the handle through a 90° arc.

3. HOW A 3-WAY DIVERTER VALVE WORKS - A 3-way valve has three ports: two ends and one center. By design you can close off part or all of the water flow from either end ports, but you cannot shut off the center port. The handle will only rotate 180° on the side opposite the center port. In this example, the 3-way Diverter Valve can be used to shut off all or part of the skimmer, or all or part of the pool drain, but it cannot restrict flow to the pump. 

4. VARIATIONS OF DIVERTER VALVES - Some of the manufactures of Diverter Valves include CMP, Jandy, Waterway,and Pentair. Most of the diverter Valve are now maintenance free. With many of the older models, you had to lubricate them every year. Diverter Valves are sold with and without unions. A Valve with unions can be serviced or replaced without having to cut the Valve out of the piping.

5. REPLACING A DIVERTER VALVE - For detailed instructions on how to replace a Diverter Valve that has unions, see our guide on "How to Change a Pool Spring Check Valve".The Valve is different but the process is the same. For instructions on replacing a Diverter Valve without unions, see out guide on "How To Change a Pool Spring Flapper Check Valve".

6. TYPES OF BALL VALVES - Ball Valves provide an option to the two-way Diverter Valves. They are also used to regulate the flow of water to one function such as opening or shutting off the waste line when you want to purge water from your pool. See our guide on "How To Add a Pool Waste Line" for an application of a Ball Valve. Ball Valve are also sold with and without unions.

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