How To Change the Terminal Board on an AO Smith Motor

This guide will help you to replace a damaged Terminal Board on a typical A.O. Smith Motor.  Although this guide is written for a typical A.O Smith motor, many of the steps are applicable to other manufacturers.

1. REMOVE ELECTRICAL COVER - Remove the two screws that secure the electrical cover on the electrical end of the motor. Lift off the cover.

2. LOCATE TERMINAL BOARD - This picture shows the location of the Terminal Board within the electrical components of the motor.

3. REMOVE BLACK PLUG - The operational voltage is set by positioning the black plug so that its arrow lines up with either 230V or 115V. Note where the plug is set then lift the black plug off of the Terminal Board.

4. UNSCREW TERMNAL BOARD - Remove the two screws that secure the Terminal Board to the motor.

5. LIFT OUT TERMINAL BOARD - With the two screws removed, the Terminal Board should lift off the motor.

6. REMOVE LEADS - Turn the Terminal Boars over and, using pliers remove the 3 leads connected to the back of the Terminal Board.  Note the color sequence of the wires - blue/white/purple.

7. VIEW TERMINAL BOARD - This is a picture of the replacement Terminal Board.

8. CONNECT LEADS TO NEW TERMINAL BOARD - Connect the 3 leads to the back of the new Terminal Boars in the same sequence as noted in Step 6 above.

9. REATTACH TERMINAL BOARD - Tuck the 3 wires alongside the Terminal Board and attach the Board to the motor with the 2 screws.

10. REATTACH BLACK PLUG - Reattach the black plug. Line up the arrow on the plug in the same position noted in Step 3.

11. VIEW INSTALLED BOARD - This is a picture of the Terminal Board mounted and ready to go.

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